Wydział Ekonomii
i Finansów

When I arrived in Bialystok, I felt a very strange sensation. I am from Murcia, where the sun shines almost 365 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees. At first, my feeling was that I had chosen the wrong city, but after a few weeks I realised that Białystok was ideal for me. It is a very quiet and clean city, surrounded by nature and very easy to get around. Moreover, for someone like me, who has never seen snow before, it is a very nice feeling. Academically, Faculty of Economics and Finance has a system in which it is easy to follow the classes, as the groups are very small and the teachers offer personalised attention. To sum up, I would recommend Bialystok for Erasmus mobility, both socially and academically you won't regret it. 
Daniel, University of Murcia, Spain

Although it has been entirely online, I'm glad I decided to take part in this Erasmus+ experience at the University of Bialystok. I enjoyed my "staying" and I loved getting to know new (mostly Spanish) friends I'm really looking forward to meet in real life someday. I had the opportunity to study fascinating subjects taught in English by excellent, kind and comprehensive teachers. This improved my skills and expanded my horizons, opening my mind by learning something about new culture, also thanks to my mentor-girl.
Leonardo, University of Tuscia, Italy

While I’m writing this short description, I’m feeling nostalgic about my Erasmus experience in Białystok. I did an internship at the Faculty of Economics and Finance and I remember it as one of the most important experiences in my life. I had the opportunity to work with fantastic and very kind people. During my internship I also took part in a summer school of finance organized by the Faculty. The environment here is both international and local: I also learnt a little bit of polish! Furthermore, Białystok is a very nice city where to stay. It’s full of parks, pubs, restaurants, discos and cinemas! I stayed in the student’s dorm and it was the best choice because I knew students from all over the world. If you need an advice, do not hesitate to choose Białystok as destination for your Erasmus mobility: you won’t regret it!
Maria Rita, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy
Trainee (within EU4EU)

It was a huge honour for me to be able to work in such a professional and familiar environment as the Faculty of Economics and Finance in Białystok! I recommend this experience to everyone. The city is beautiful, easy to visit and very romantic! Then Poland is a fantastic land to live in! 
Mauro, University of Cagliari, Italy
Trainee (within EU4EU)