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My teachers provide me with teaching content using the e-learning platform. Am I obliged to take part in online learning?
Yes, according to the Rector’s decision all students should participate in such classes.


How to log in to the e-learning platform?
The platform is available at:  https://blackboard.uwb.edu.pl

You should use your login and password for USOS.


Am I allowed to visit the library?
No, the University libraries provide only online services. Electronic databases are available at: https://prima.uwb.edu.pl/login

To get the login and password please contact Coordinator of Erasmus+ for incoming students - Emilia Jankowska-Ambroziak, M.A.


Have any decisions been made about summer school?
As the coronavirus pandemic is evolving daily, and we cannot predict what may occur in the next few weeks and months, the decision to run the summer school (that was originally planned for September) or postpone this initiative was not taken yet. The Faculty will provide updates regarding summer school at the appropriate time.


How do Polish students spend their time?
Polish students, due to their culture, follow restrictive rules. Apart from learning, we watch series on Netflix, read books, surf the Internet.
We have our own hashtag. #Stay home. (#Zostańwdomu) You don't believe it? Check the Instagram to see how many people stay home and don't expose their loved ones to infection.


What advice should I follow while staying in Poland?

We advise our students and trainees to follow all recommendations that are on official website of the Republic of Poland: https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus
This page gives you up-to-date, official and reliable information on the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 illness. Additionally, we recommend you to follow information at https://go-poland.pl/coronavirus


Where to call if I have any questions regarding epidemiological threat?
Polish Ministry of Health launched hotline – 800 190 590 (24-hour service). Information is also available in English.
Please, do not hesitate to ask firstly our Erasmus Coordinators.


Can I get medical assistance if necessary?
Yes. All the time, in case of an emergency, you can call for help on 112.


Where shall I call if I'm sick and suspect signs of coronavirus infection?
Call the emergency number 112. Be sure to tell about your symptoms. Fever, coughing, dyspnoea. You can't lie to the doctors!


Can I leave the house/dormitory?
There is a ban on leaving home unless necessary: for work, to go to the shop or pharmacy, see a doctor, take care of close ones, volunteer or walk your dog. If you must leave home, remember to take precautions. While walking outside keep the minimum 2-meter distance with another pedestrian.


Can I go shopping?
While shopping use sanitizers and gloves that should be distributed in shops.

All shops in shopping malls have been closed, except for pharmacies and grocery stores which remain open everywhere, including in shopping centres. Since 2nd April all hairdressers, beauticians and other similar service points have stopped working as well.

All supermarkets and pharmacies are open, some of them have longer working hours. However, from 10:00 till 12:00 only seniors can enter.

While standing in a queue, remember to keep a safe distance. In every shop (small, large, service point) the maximum number of people who are allowed to enter is three times the number of cash desks (5 cash desks = 15 people). Marketplaces – 3 customers per 1 service point. Post offices – 2 people per one counter (5 counters = 10 people). Large DIY markets will be closed on weekends.


Can I meet with my friends?
No, there is a ban on all kinds of gatherings, meetings and events. All parks, playgrounds and other public places of similar kind have been closed.


How praying and visiting a temple looks like now?
There is also a limit for number of people attending masses – up to 5 people, excluding those carrying out the service. Participation in religious events via television, radio or the internet is encouraged.


Can I use public transport?
While using public transport remember that the permitted number of passengers equals the number of seats divided by two, meaning an empty seat should separate each passenger.


Do state institutions in Poland work?
Public institutions work remotely, with an exception of tasks in which remote work doesn’t guarantee the possibility to perform key duties.


Violation of the bans entails a penalty ranging from a mandatory fine to PLN 5,000. The compliance of citizens’ behaviours with the new rules will be assessed by the Police.



Our team for internationalization is available, wherever you are.
Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Vice Dean for International Cooperation

Faculty Coordinator of Erasmus+

Coordinator of Erasmus+

for non-degree students
and staff mobility

Coordinator of Erasmus+

for incoming students

Coordinator of Erasmus+

for outgoing students

Agnieszka Piekutowska, PhD

Zofia M. Karczewska, PhD

Edyta Sidorczuk-Pietraszko, PhD

Emilia Jankowska-Ambroziak, M.A.

Mariusz Mak, M.A.